Reliable, professional cat sitters

Benefits of hiring a professional pet caretaker

Benefits for your pets:

  • your pets feel most secure in their own, familiar environment
  • pets will be fed their regular diet & treats, as well as enjoy their normal exercise routines
  • possible exposure to illness from other animals is minimized when your pets stay in their own home while you are away
  • every pet receives lots of one-on-one attention
  • every activity is specifically catered to your pet...their health and activity level are important factors
  • our sitters/walkers take every opportunity to learn more about pet care and strive to make every experience a FUN one for your pets while teaching them something new (shy kitties accepting treats out of our hands, dogs learning to walk politely on leash, creating fun obstacle courses for your dog while hiking in the canyon, etc.)

Benefits for you:

  • hiring professional petsitters will reduce your stress level because you know your pets are well taken care of
  • you‘ll hear from your sitter or walker whenever you’d like updates, photos included, giving you extra peace of mind seeing your pet’s happy faces
  • we will do what you request...we will work with you to choose what works best for your pets AND your budget 
  • pet safety and home security are top priorities
  • hiring a professional petsitter means you no longer need to impose on friends, family, or neighbors

Hire A Local Pro

Your pets will be cared for by reliable, experienced, loving pet enthusiasts who will follow your every instruction. We stick to their usual routines while providing the extra attention they crave when you‘re away and send you regular updates, including photos.

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