From the time I was a young child, pets have always been part of my immediate family. Over the years, I’ve owned dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, frogs, birds, fish, rehabbed + released squirrels, turtles, and tortoises. My current pets are Beans and Ryder the whippets and Old Man Myrtle, the desert tortoise. I consider them to be my “kids” and we do everything together. I’ll share more about my kiddos in future posts. 

At 19, I moved from my parents home and by 21 was working four jobs as I was going to college as an English major with minor in Sociology. My jobs included nanny for three children, pizza delivery, youth director, and petsitter. By the time I was 25 I had cut back to two jobs (barista and petsitter) and decided school wasn’t for me any longer and it was time to change course. 

I wanted to work with animals and their owners, but did not want to be a vet. In 1998, I started as a kennel assistant at Dr. Domotor’s Animal House Veterinary Hospital, moving up to room tech in six months, which was a record move up time back then. I worked with some brilliant veterinarians and technicians to learn as much as possible and was eventually the Out Patient Nurse Coordinator (in the human world, that‘s like the Head Nurse). Three challenging aspects of my job I enjoyed the most were working side by side with vets and techs with animal handling/restraint, spending time with clients and their pets in exam rooms, and creating and implementing client education programs (dental health, puppy/kitten care, senior care, to name a few). In 2007, I suffered a back injury, forcing me to take a year off of everything and I had to leave Dr. D’s in 2008. My ten years at Dr. Domotor’s gave me so many valuable tools, most of which have carried over into my petsitting career and care for my own pets. 

Although I’ve been petsitting for over 25 years, Two Dogs Petsitting was founded in 1998 and celebrated 20 years earlier this year, of which I am extremely proud. The pet care industry hasn’t been easy to sustain since the online databases showed up, but I have worked hard to keep rates competitive while providing the highest level of service possible. Over the years, I’ve been blessed by friends who have become part of the Two Dogs team, enabling us to serve many more pets compared to when I was solo. I now have a total of eight sitters and dog walkers beside myself, including two parent son teams, four college students, and two friends I’ve known for 20 years. Check out our About Us page to get to know our most experienced sitters.  

In September of 2015, when my dad went into in-home hospice care, life started changing, so I adjusted Two Dogs as needed in order to spend more time with family. After he passed away peacefully in January of 2016, the next six months was spent figuring out how I’d be able to work the business and travel, something my dad and I had spoken about many times. September of 2016, I began my journey of #WhippetsOnATrip which is basically following the dog fun around the country with whippets and old tortoise in tow in my Dodge Durango. After a few months, I decided this needed to be a full time journey and I started getting set up to do all admin work for Two Dogs while on the road, which is what I’ve been doing for two years this September. It has been a real challenge, at times, but with an amazing team, we have made the necessary tweaks with a couple of positive changes to enable all of us to keep things running smooth for all of you and your pets. 

With most of us wanting to do more than petsitting and dog walking, we decided on changing our name, the word “sitting” to “services”. We are now Two Dogs Pet Services, which is all encompassing, yet keeping it close to what it was. Community education and outreach are two areas we will be expanding. We are also looking into partnering with a local in-home, private, 1-3 dog doggy daycare come fall. Stay tuned for updates! 

I have also decided to step aside as owner and turn that role over to my friend of almost 20 years and right hand man, Steve Elmes. He’s been working next to me for over 15 years and is well versed in business, management, and pet care. All other adjustments are things that have already begun to improve our business practices and should only effect you, our amazing clients, in positive ways. As the transition continues, we will keep you in the loop every step of the way. All of our clients will keep their same sitters/walkers and our highest standards of pet care will not change.  

Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty over the years, we all look forward to serving you, your pets, and our community for many more! 

If you have any questions or concerns, call me anytime 626-673-7978 

Lots of love,