Teaching your dog to trade up is a good way to get them to drop something dangerous and swap for a treat or toy.

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Office dog, Ryder, is a known thief, so “drop it” is pretty important. Those words have saved him from eating things he finds on walks like chicken bones + food wrappers, not to mention criminal charges.

I started with “trade me” for a super high value squeaky toy or stinky treat and eventually assigned the “drop it” with the item leaving his mouth and tons of praise as I give him his toy or treat. Do you always have to carry treats or a toy? Not if your dog considers how you praise him/her as a high value reward.

Since Ryder learned this at 6 months (he’s 4 yrs) he will find a treasure and carry it on walks until he finds a better treasure then he’ll trade. The best treasure usually ends up earning him a really yummy treat once we finish the walk. He’s very entertaining and obedient ❤️