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Event Info:

  • Start : October 07, 2021
  • End : December 31, 2021


So…we did a thing last year 😬 This really cool space became available and we jumped on it because it’s perfect! Plus, we didn’t want to miss this huge opportunity to serve you in a different way than anyone else in Monrovia (or the SGV) can. We have wanted to create a climate controlled place where dogs and their people can come learn, play, and have some dog fun together for over 10 years. It’s almost done! We are just waiting for approval from the city and doing all the things to get there. What pandemic? Sixty two shutdowns? No pet care work or in person training for months at a time? Lost half our pet care team? Now the demand is so high we have to turn people away? It takes us three days to return phone calls? Yeah, it’s been ruff, we need help, and we know we aren’t alone 🥰. P.S. We are still looking for a few more pet care pros to join our team…send us a text! Here’s the current situation: We are still standing (kind of leaning) and providing the best pet care we possibly can, like we’ve done for 30 years, recently named Favorite Dog Walkers in the San Gabriel Valley 🙌🏼 We are in the final stretch before opening this wonderful, safe, private space for YOUR DOGS!! But we can’t do it without your help 🤗. We barely made it through 2020 and have put over $100,000 into keeping this space, gathering equipment, and beefing up our collective educations about all things pet care, animal behavior, canine fitness, and humane dog training. Here’s where you come in…our investment is huge, we are all in! Now, we are asking you to put in a contribution to push us forward. Even $1 from each of our friends would be awesome! We know everyone is struggling so we don’t want to ask for a specific amount or goal. The local dogs need this, we have it, we need some local support. Thank you, in advance! Click on “learn more” 👆🏼to contribute. Ask all the questions, text 626-673-7978 or chat with us here 👉🏼