Daily Pet Care Visits

Happy goat

From one to four visits per day, we wil stay with your pets for 30 minutes minimum. Typical kitty visit is approx 30 minutes, typical dog visit including walk is 60 minutes, but we do what fits the household based on your pet’s individual needs. Exotic pets? No problem, we have one of the local favorites on our team. Kim is knowledgeable, experienced, and has access to one of the best exotic vets in So Cal.

Not sure what you need us to do or how long you’d like us to spend spoiling your pet family? Just ask, we’ll help you figure it out.

We also provide an emergency back up, free of charge, whom you’ll meet before you depart.

Rates as low as $18 per visit. Contact us for a quote, we cater to you.

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Pro Dog Walks

Pro dog walker, Garrett, with his whippet buddy, Ryder.

Our walkers thrive on getting your pup out for sniffs and exercise. Every walk is personalized to match your dog’s energy level + exercise needs. You won’t see us doing pack walks or walking unfamiliar dog friends together. Safety is a priority and we want to be sure we aren’t getting tangled up, are giving your dog our full attention, and we are able to prevent off-leash dog + wildlife encounters more effectively. 

We also provide extras like waste clean up, bringing in trashcans or mail, playtime, brushing, etc during every walk or potty break at no additional charge.

Ask about becoming one of our weekly regulars to save a few bones. Rates as low as $23 per walk.

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Slumber Pawrties

Pampered dog

 One of our experienced and compassionate sitters will spend a minimum of 12 hours overnight with your pet family. We come stay where your pets are most comfortable...in their own home with their own stuff. Your pets will have their usual routine (or as close as possible) and we strive to do everything you would do so the only difference will be the person at your pet's service.
As with all of our in-your-home services, we include everything from feeding, refreshing water, playtime, walks, waste clean up, and more. Schedule your pet's Slumber Pawrty at least one month in advance as this is our most popular service.

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Pet Transportation

Kitty vet transportation

  Non-emergency pet transportation for cats, dogs, birds, bunnies, and more.
We can take your pet to a vet appointment, dog to and from the groomer, or to and from your home,  office, or event anytime you aren't able to make the schedule work.

We take every safety precaution possible to ensure your pet(s) are kept as safe as possible during their ride with us.

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Hourly Stays

Dog tugging

 $23 for the first hour, $18 each additional hour, minimum one hour, maximum four hours. Can be booked up to twice in one day. 

In town for business or visiting family/friends? Can't leave your dog(s) unattended?
If you have a dog recovering from a medical procedure and don't want to leave them, give us a call, we'll give you the opportunity you need to get away for an hour or more.

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Beans the whippet at LIbrary Park, Monrovia

Once a month, we gather (in person or online) for FREE pet parent seminars. Call Jen for details or to schedule a private seminar 626-673-7978

We also do Facebook LIVE sessions and include some of our most useful Pro Tips.

You can find all sessions on our Facebook page and all Pro Tips on our blog.
Have a question or a product recommendation? Drop us a message.

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