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Our amazing team:

Steve Elmes   Jen Havens   Kim Scharf

Alison Roeske   Stevens Elmes   Erika Nobuko  

Keaton Beutlich   Nicole Avila   Garrett Laporte  

Michael Sain-Quevedo   Valeria Ingersoll   Brenda Winner (temporary leave) 

Angela Lopez   Everlee Beutlich   Teri Cilberti-Berry   Kelly Launchbaugh   Kristine Ashley

We have been caring for pets in Monrovia and surrounding areas for over 25 years. We are well-known in the community and all live within a few miles of Old Town Monrovia. Every member of our amazing crew is licensed, insured, eager to spend time with your pets, and held to the highest pet care standards in the industry.

Our founder, Jen Havens, worked with and was trained by some of the finest veterinarians and veterinary technicians in Southern California. One of her passions is sharing her knowledge with the community about best pet care practices, animal husbandry, senior pet care, animal handling/restraint, and how to build a great relationship with pets. 

Steve, owner of the company, has been working side by side with Jen for over 15 years and has vast knowledge of multiple species including equines and primates (Yes! Monkeys!) and is our go to guy for every urgent pet need. Emergencies are handled professionally and with ease between Jen’s skills with working with veterinary teams, Steve’s ability to respond most effectively, and their seamless teamwork. 

Kim has also been working with Jen and Steve for over 10 years and is considered, by many clients and local vets, to be one of the most knowledgeable exotic pet caretakers in the area. Bunnies, rats, orphaned squirrels, birds, reptiles, etc., she can handle them all. She also works at the Exotic Animal Care Center in Pasadena with Dr. Sari Kanfer, an amazing resource for exotics!

Jen, Steve, and Kim collectively train every new team member and prepare them to take most excellent care of your pet family. You and your pets are in very capable and caring hands with our entire team. Schedule a FREE meet and greet to secure your best fit amongst these greats

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We Are Weird, We Know

Ryder The Whippet upside down on the job with TwoDogsPetServices.com

Two Dogs Pet Services is not the typical company and our pet caretakers are directly involved in pet and client care in whatever capacity works for them. We work with school and work schedules to allow each team member to be involved in pet care however they desire. There are contracts and guidelines for them to follow and our training sessions are always in a "do as I do" manner. In the event we are unable to provide service for whatever reason, we have many phenomenal resources to refer to, so no pet is turned away. It doesn’t matter who you hire as long as they are qualified to take the best possible care of your pet family.

We often spend more time with your pets than is expected because and believe in quality of care, not watching the time and leaving at the one hour mark. If your pets need a little extra, we are there for them. We are not and never will be a drop food and go type of service, we provide high standard care at competitive rates.

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FREE extras

Above and beyond typical pet care twodogspetservices.com

We will give you a quote for the entire pet services and household care package we put together specifically catered to you based on what you need, even if you don’t know what that is. We can help!

The additional services we automatically include at no additional charge:

-emergency backup sitter or walker

-pet waste cleanup

-medications administered

-mail/packages/water brought in

-home security check

-watering plants/lawns

-adding water to ponds/pools

-trash/recycling to and from curb

-and just about anything else you might need, just ask!

We strive to provide everything your pets and household could possibly need while you’re away. Let us know what else we can do for you.

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