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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers!

Why should I pay to hire a professional pet care pro, dog trainer, or dog walker when I might be able to get a friend, neighbor or relative to do it for free? What about the online database pet care services? How can they charge $10 to your $20?

When you hire a pro, you not only receive the benefits of their knowledge that comes with experience, but professional sitters/walkers carry their own insurance specific to their industry. A professional petsitter/dog walker will have you complete some kind of contract or formal agreement so that in the event anything happens to your pets while in their care, they have all the information they need to handle any situation the way you instruct. When bartering with friends or swapping pet care needs with relatives or neighbors, it's not always a comfortable situation when handling the details of the assignment. A friend, neighbor, or relative may suddenly cancel plans to care for your pet(s). We are professionals and we have a contract with you to perform services exactly as planned and instructed.

With some of the online database services, anyone can sign up for free and represent themselves any way they choose. There's no way to know who they are or if they have community ties or actual pet care experience. Although they do offer insurance, it's less than a professional petsitter/dog walker offers, and there are more limitations than a pro's insurance.

None of the databases require any service provider to have a business license, although they do all mention in their guidelines that all providers do need to follow local laws...that means they should ALL have a license to practice business in their city of residence. If they do not, they are illegally working out of their homes and accepting money for that work without regulation. If they house your pet in their homes, they are required by most cities to obtain a kennel license or are limited to a three dog maximum, including the businesses own dogs. A kennel license ensures that proper husbandry is followed and that they are on record with the city so that if anything were to happen, the city has a way to help you. Without those regulations being followed, who knows who and what you will get. That is why these service providers can walk your dog for $10 or "board" them in their homes. They are not upholding industry standards in any way and are not paying to run a business. They are breaking the law when they accept money in exchange for services.

Unfortunately, there are no "petsitter licenses" or "dog walking licenses" only business licenses, so that's the way we remain on the up and up and that's how we are on review sites. The sitters/walkers you find on these databases will not be on Yelp unless they run an actual business. Their accountability is limited to the soft reviews on the databases by those who have hired them in the past, but even then, they can remove themselves and not be listed any longer.

Feel free to contact us, at any time, if you have any questions about who works with us or our license and insurance.


Do you offer discounts?

We do our best to keep our rates extremely competitive and very fair for the services we provide and our experience. If you are away for extended periods of time or choose to pre pay for a month of dog walking or other similar scenarios, we do offer a bit of a break. Our goal is not to break your bank, but this is how we make our living, so when we choose to offer a lower rate it's because it's the fair and right thing to do for you. We care about our clients and their pets, so if there is a need, we always do our very best to fill that need. We will always give you the best possible rate we can!

By not offering across the board discounts, we are able to donate services and offer to care for pets for clients who are hospitalized or in hospice or do the extra special something for a client in need. We want to continue to do those things and we can't if we discount rates too often or too much.

PLUS, we are sooo worth what we charge! Every one of us!

What kind of pets do you care for?

We've come up with a list of 30 different types of pets we've taken care of in the last ten years.

Here's a start to the list:




Birds (such as: parrots, parakeets, macaws, etc.)













Bearded Dragons







Sugar Gliders


Guinea Pigs



Aligator Lizards

Stick Bugs

This list is only a partial list of the many animals Jen has handled over the years of working at veterinary hospitals. Ranging from hawks to peacocks to skunks to sugar gliders...even raising squirrels for release. Steve and his family had a plethora of wild animals for pets back in the day, too...including monkeys!

Do you board pets?

Two Dogs Pet Services does not board dogs or cats. For rabbits and other exotic pets (small caged pets such as lizards, small birds, hamsters, small fish tanks, etc.) we can connect you with our local rabbit rescuer.

We do, however, love to stay overnight with your pets. Our most pawpular service! We call the 12 hours of overnight spoiling Slumber Pawrties because that's what they are...pets of all types will be pampered and have plenty of play time. We provide in-your-home services ranging from potty breaks to overnight stays with additional visits.

Contact us for more information.

To hire Two Dogs Pet Services, how do I get started?

Simply contact us at least two weeks prior to your service needs and we'll set up a meet and greet to get to know your pets and you. That will be the time to show your sitter exactly what you'd like them to do. We'll also let you know which online forms to fill out. You can fill them out before or after the meet and greet, whatever is most convenient for you, as long as we have them at least one week prior to your departure or 5 days prior to your dog walking start date.  

What areas do you service?  

We are centrally located in Monrovia. Although we are able to travel up to 50 miles for Slumber Pawrties, we prefer to stay close to "home"...Monrovia, Arcadia, Sierra Madre, Duarte, Azusa. Any assignment outside of a five mile radius from Myrtle & Foothill, Monrovia, will incur an additional mileage charge.

Jen and the whippets travel around the US, so if you have a pet care need and think you might be along their route, call Jen 626-673-7978.

Is my personal information kept confidential?

Absolutely! We don't even put your name or address on key tags! Because we are paperless, we receive your information via our online forms, which we keep secure, offline. We do not print or share your personal or security information, unless you request. You may wonder why we do not carry your information on us. Because other local sitters have experienced theft from their vehicles, where client information was stored, we have opted to keep your information off of paper, therefore, out of our vehicles.

How far in advance is it necessary for me to book your service?

It's best to reserve dates as far in advance as possible, especially for holidays and Slumber Pawrties. We book services on a first come, first served basis. We do take some last minute bookings if we have a petsitter/dog walker available. If you "book" our services within two weeks of your departure, please note that you have entered into our cancellation fee zone and may be required to pay a deposit. Inquiries are not considered bookings and our availability may change from one day to the next.

Do I have to schedule another consultation and fill out another form every time I leave town?

Nope. Not at all. The only time you'd need to fill out a new assignment form is if you move. If you have ANY changes to your pet's routine, diet, or medications, simply send a detailed email to us and we'll update your pet's file. It is ultimately your responsibility to keep us posted on changes within your pet family. If you have any additions to your pet family, we require a new care sheet for them.

How do I get my key back when I return from my trip? Or can you just keep it?

Most clients choose to give a key to their petsitter/dog walker at the initial consultation, after agreeing to go ahead with the service.  If you are not able to do this, key pick up/drop off is an additional charge of 50% of your regular visit rate (plus mileage rate of $1 per mile over 5 miles). We can keep your key in our safe if you travel often, or we can leave it in a safe place at outside of your home after the assignment is complete, whichever you prefer. We prefer not to leave keys inside a home after our assignment is complete in case you experience an emergency or delay on your scheduled return date. Some clients will even purchase a lock box specifically for their petsitter. Please ask about your key options when you contact us.

What are your hours of operation?

Although we have some flexibility, our preferred hours of operation are from 7am-10am, 11am-2pm, and 4pm-7pm Monday thru Friday. Overnight stays (or Slumber Pawrties) begin between 6 & 8pm and last 12 hours or more, depending on the sitter's next day schedule. Saturday and Sunday, we try to spend some extra time with our own pet and human family and, while we will accept occasional midday walks, we prefer to stick to the petsitting (7am-10am and 5pm-7pm and Slumber Pawrties). For new clients that have a very busy work week and find it most convenient to meet on the weekends, we will schedule the most convenient time for our initial consultation. Phone calls will be returned as soon as possible M-F (usually within 24 hours). If you call on a weekend or a holiday, your calls will be returned in the order received, the next business day.

May I offer a gratuity to my pet sitter?

Of course! Our sitters love to feel even more appreciated. Some ways to thank them, in addition to re-hiring them by request, is to add a few dollars tip to your payment or a gift card to their favorite coffee or tea house. 100% of all gratuities are given directly to your sitter.

How am I billed and when is it due?

Invoices are sent via PayPal upon request and the admin fee is added to your total. Payment for petsitting is required on or before the first visit of each new assignment. Payment for dog walking is due on or before the last walk day of the week for that week, unless previoulsly agreed upon. Some frequent travellers or regular dog walking clients take advantage of the convenient Monthly PrePay Plan that gives you a credit with us for whatever amount you choose. Please refer to our Policies and Procedures for further details or contact us. We accept cash and check, or credit card via PayPal. We will not accept post dated checks.

How are pet emergencies handled?

Our first priority is the safety and well-being of your pet and we will always do our best to keep them free from harm and illness. Should an emergency arise, we will always call you at the number you provide on the Client Info form in the Veterinary Instructions section. If you cannot be reached, we will contact the first emergency contact and so on. If we cannot reach you or any of your emergency contacts, we will follow your specific instructions as you've written in your Veterinary Information and continue to try to reach you. Please be sure to include specific payment instructions with the Veterinary Information if you will not be reachable at all times...most veterinary clinics and emergency animal clinics WILL NOT bill for services.

Can you give my pet(s) medications or injections?

Yes! We have very experienced sitters that are trained and capable of administering oral medications and injections according to your vet's instructions, even subcutaneous fluids. Make sure to mention your pet's medical needs when you contact us so we can provide the best fit for your pet's needs.

Do you charge extra for pet clean up, walks with petsitting, or medication administration?

Most of the time, no, we don't charge more because it is part of caring for your pet. However, if there is an abundant amount of clean up (ie: extremely dirty litterboxes or regularly missed litterboxes, large amount of dog feces in a yard, difficulty medicating), we will charge an additional $3-$5 fee per incident. If your pet is a puppy or a senior pet that requires more than the average amount of medicating or special attention, we may increase the per visit rate slightly.


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