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Daily Pet Care Visits

Happy goat

From one to four visits per day, we will stay with your pets for 30 minutes minimum. A typical kitty visit is about 30 minutes, while a typical dog visit including a walk is 60 minutes. We do what fits your pet’s individual needs. 

Exotic pets? We have you covered with one of the local favorites. Kim is knowledgeable, experienced and has access to one of the best exotic vets in southern California. 

Not sure what you need? Just ask and we'll work with you to create a plan that works best for your pet.

Rates as low as $20 per visit.

Pro Dog Walks

Pro dog walker, Garrett, with his whippet buddy, Ryder.

Our walkers thrive on getting your pup out for sniffs and exercise, and each walk is personalized to match your dog’s specific needs.

Safety is our priority. No dog pack walks, tangles or unfamiliar canine friends here. We give your dog our full attention. This also helps us mitigate off-leash dog and wildlife encounters. 

Walks and potty breaks include extras like waste clean up, bringing in trashcans or mail, playtime and brushings.

Ask about becoming one of our weekly regulars to save a few bones. Rates as low as $23 per walk.

Dog Training

Happy dogs hanging at the park

We believe in happy dogs, positive + fun training sessions, and clear communication between you and your dog. 

Do you want to see your dog understand what you are asking them to do and do it with enthusiasm? Would it excite you to watch your dog transform from a jumping, barking, inappropriate nut into a polite, pleasant companion who happily hangs out with the family and your guests? We want the same exact things!

We don't focus solely on the sit and stay, but more on building your relationship and strengthening teamwork with your dog. Regardless if you are looking to compete in Obedience or Rally or master the basic manners, we can help you achieve your goals with your awesome dog!

Contact us to schedule your evaluation.

Slumber Pawrties


When you book a Slumber Pawrty, one of our experienced and compassionate caretakers will spend a minimum of 12 hours overnight with your pet family in your home. In their home with their own stuff keeping up with their usual routine.

As with all of our in-home services, we include feeding, water refills, playtime, walks, waste clean up and more. 

Schedule your pet's Slumber Pawrty today as this is our most "pawpular"service. Contact us for rates.

Hourly Stays

Dog tugging

In town for business or visiting family? Gone for the day being a tour guide for out of owners? Unable or don't want to leave your pets unattended? Is your pet recovering from a medical procedure and requires attention while you're busy? Give us a call when you need to be away for any length of time. Rates: $25 for the first hour, $19 each additional hour. Minimum appointment one hour, maximum four hours. May be booked up to twice daily.


Beans the whippet at LIbrary Park, Monrovia

Once a quarter, we gather (in person or online) for FREE pet parent seminars. We also do Facebook Live sessions that include some of our most useful and valuable pro tips.

Discover our sessions on our Facebook page, as well as pro tips, best practices and pet care ideas on our blog.

Waste Cleanup

Waste clean up, pooper scooper service by Two Dogs Pet Services

Simply put, we come to your home on a regular basis and scoop what your dog leaves behind. We can provide service 1 to 5 days a week or we can do a one time cleaning for that special occasion. We scoop hillsides, patios, homeowners associations and more. We can even remove the pet waste from your property if you don't want it stinking up your trash can. 

Pet Transportation

Non emergency pet transportation for cats, dogs, exotics, and more

 Let us chauffeur your pets to their next appointment. We offer non-emergency pet transportation for cats, dogs, birds, bunnies and others. We'll happily take your pet to a vet appointment,  groomer, or to and from your home, office or event. We take every precaution possible to ensure your pets are kept as safe as possible during their ride with us. Contact us for rates.

contact us today and let's plan your pet's next staycation

Get Social With Us

Jackson and Beans during a puppy playdate

We adore our social media connections and love to share the best videos + photos we capture of your pets doing what they do best...having fun, hanging out, cuddling, playing, snacking, and relaxing.

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